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Rising 230m above the streets of Shibuya
The rooftop observation area combines exhilarating views and an event space that will inspire and capture your imagination.

SHIBUYA SKY observation facilities are open on the 14th, 45th and 46th floors and the rooftop observation area.
The open-air rooftop observation area is one of the largest in Japan, and provides spectacular views from about 230m above ground level.
From here, you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of Shibuya’s famous scramble intersection and the rest of Tokyo from the heart of Shibuya.

Event planning is headed by Rhizomatiks Design, a division of the creative group Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd.,
which has been attracting world-wide attention through numerous projects.

From the entrance to the exit, the observation area provides a consistent experience and story.
The area creates a new experience that steps beyond the existing concepts of observation platforms to combine exhilarating views that can only be seen from above Shibuya and an event space that will inspire and capture your imagination.



Concept of SHIBUYA SKY
Observation Facilities

Shibuya — A city with a vast inflow of people,
products and ideas from throughout Japan
and the rest of the world, and where a unique culture and a new sense of values continue to evolve.
Standing at the heart of Shibuya,
SHIBUYA SKY goes far beyond presenting views of
magnificent scenery, and is the kind of observation facility
that is only possible in Shibuya.
The facility is a consolidated viewing system that allows you to absorb the history and
energy of Shibuya, and not only presents a view of the scenery spreading out below,
but serves as a window to the world, your inner self, and the future.
The facility will set a “new benchmark”,
and will become a symbol for nurturing dreams
and creativity in Shibuya.


Event Planning

Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd.https://rhizomatiks.com/en/

Founded in 2006, Rhizomatiks is an organization that blends advanced technical skills and creativity covering a broad range of media, from websites to interactive event space design.
The company is a collection of artists, hardware and software engineers, creators from various backgrounds with a wealth of creativity, and producers, and together, they give full play to their knowledge and high-level skills and planning, cultivated through media art, in multiple fields including entertainment and advertising. Rhizomatiks is internationally known and is one of a small number of companies that can manage the full range of processes from planning through to production.
This project, which brings together the combined talents of members in planning, production, design, and software and hardware development, is the largest event project tackled by Rhizomatiks.

Achievements: Rhizomatiks has received many advertising and creative awards both in Japan and overseas.

Rhizomatiks Divisions

Rhizomatiks Design: Dedicated to informed problem solving.

We tackle art direction that challenges new graphic expressions using data as motifs, design consulting that considers design strategies together with clients, and commissioned work including advertising projects that apply R&D project technology and expertise gained through research.

Rhizomatiks Research: Dedicated to exploring new possibilities in technical and artistic expression.

Focusing on media art, data art and other R&D-intensive projects, we present unique solutions on a global stage.

Rhizomatiks Architecture: Dedicated to reshaping the concept of space.

Expanding the experience gained from creativity driven by digital technology to the world of space and city, we create architecture that continues along a path of change and evolution that has no limits.


Overview of Facilities

14, 45, 46, Rooftop
About 230m above ground level (rooftop)
Rooftop observation space:About 2,500㎡
Indoor observation facilities:About 3,000㎡
¥2,000 (including tax)